COVID-19 Mental Health Resources (Updated August 2021)

The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Psychology Department recognizes that the many stages of the coronavirus pandemic pose evolving concerns for both physical and mental health. People respond in many different ways. It is okay to feel just fine or to feel excited for re-openings, and it is normal for you or people who you care about to feel stressed, overwhelmed, or powerless. 

This document contains mental health resources for students, faculty, staff, and the Champaign-Urbana community.

This document is long. Use the search feature (on your keyboard, press the control key and, while still holding down on the control key, press the F key) and the table of contents to find specific resources you are looking for.

Most of these resources depend upon a stable wifi connection, the possession of wifi-capable technology, and/or a phone. Some of these resources can be downloaded should you be concerned about continuing to have internet access. Write down relevant hotline numbers to have on hand.


We want to hear from you! To submit feedback, resources or section suggestions, please complete this brief form: COVID-19 Mental Health Resources - Community Form This form is not continuously monitored; we may not be able to respond to your comment quickly. If you are seeking immediate support, please use the resources below to reach out for help, rather than this feedback form.


Table of Contents

Immediate help

Stay Updated

Guidance for Instructors & Faculty

Addressing Fears and Worry


Deciding & Communicating Needs

Completing Coursework or Remote Job Responsibilities


Responding to Discrimination & Being an Active Bystander

Protesting During a Pandemic

Financial Hardship

Substance Use