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Power Relationship Study

Are you interested in filling out psychological and relationship measures? You have the chance to win monthly $30 Amazon gift cards if you take the surveys from months 3 through 12 (details are in the consent form). We are recruiting all 18 and older adults for a longitudinal study of romantic relationships including ALL PARTNERSHIPS! For your benefit, it can be a space to think and report on what is going on with your relationship and your life. For science, interesting and complex analysis of monthly repeated measures will allude to processes of change and the testing of directional hypotheses.

The email will be used to send follow-up surveys and make you eligible for the gift cards! If you only take part once, we understand and we thank you for your time!

To go to the survey, use this link: We have IRB approval (#22114) from the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign. For more details go here:

22114 :IRB Approval