Researchers (Paid System)

Psychology faculty members, postdoctoral fellows/trainees, and graduate students are eligible to use the Paid Research SystemThe Paid Research System can be used to facilitate participants to sign up for funded research studies. Payment procedures will depend on what is outlined in the approved IRB protocol. The system does NOT handle any aspect of paying participants or the record-keeping that may be required about such payment. The Paid Research System uses the SONA platform like the Course Credit Pool, but the two recruitment systems are completely separate (i.e., there are separate links to log in, and a separate group of participants are registered in each system, although some may be registered in both). The Paid research participants consist of community members and students who will be financially compensated for their participation. Note that paid research studies are NOT required or offered as a part of any psychology courses.

More Information for Researchers


Paid System Forms

You can submit a request to activate a study for the Paid Research System by completing this form. See the instructions and FAQ available from the Paid Research System page for more details.

Paid Study Activation Form


Use the Paid Research System to post timeslots and manage your paid study. If you do not have a researcher account for the Paid SONA, it will be created once you submit the Paid Study Activation Form (see above) and provide necessary documents.