Get to know our new Senior IT Specialist


Frederick joined our department recently and has been essential in keeping our technology running smoothly. So we figured it was time to introduce him to all of our friends of the program with a bit of Q&A. 


1 – What is your current role with the Department of Psychology?

I am a Senior IT Specialist working for ATLAS, responsible for computer technology support and services for everyone in the Psychology department.

2 – People say the psych building is unique in its “charming effect.” What is your favorite aspect of Sixth & Daniel?

I like my office overlooking the nice atrium below. The Psych building is close to the Quad, so it’s easy to get around and be near where things are happening on campus.

3 – What is the most rewarding part of your job?

I like solving peoples’ problems and helping out any way I can.

4 – Who are three people you would invite to dinner if there were no limits to the guest list?

Three people is too much, but I could probably hold a conversation with one. I'd probably most want to sit down with JRR Tolkien. We would talk about storytelling, and the love of the journey. 

5 – What are you most looking forward to doing this summer?

A slower ticket queue means getting more long-term projects done! Also, it’ll be great weather for barbecue.


Welcome to the Psychology Department, Frederick! We would all love to volunteer to sample some of that barbecue.