Two of our Highly Valued Staff Members Prepare for Retirement


While it will be tough to see them go, we celebrate Jim Clark and Dana Loschen moving on to a life without schedules, deadlines, and endless requests.

Jim is our Building Operations Manager and joined the department a little over a decade ago and hit the ground running. If you have spent an extended amount of time in the building, you have likely encountered Jim during one of his numerous laps. If you have an offhand question you need to be answered, you have also likely met Jim because he has access to ALL of the things. It is tough to nail him down for a meeting because he has countless projects going on at once, and we appreciate him being on top of them, keeping our cozy building running smoothly. For the next chapter of Jim's life, he is packing up and moving to a lake community in Tennessee, enjoying milder winters and activities at his own pace. 

Dana has been our Office Support Associate since 1995. She has experienced a wide range of technological advances through those years, from fax machines to countless postage services, and she has been there to patiently show everyone how to use them properly time and time again. Dana has spent over two decades being the friendly face greeting everyone on floor three, taking all the interesting calls and visitors that come into the department, and helping us all stay organized. Her favorite moments were all of the time spent between those tasks, the floor events for special occasions, and the conversations she had with those that became friends. She looks forward to having more time with family, relaxing, and maximizing her time for her hobbies around the home. 

Please come back and visit often. We will miss you.