COVID-19 Mental Health Resources (Updated 11/29)



The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Psychology Department recognizes that the coronavirus pandemic poses continued concerns for both physical and mental health. People respond in many different ways. It is okay to feel just fine, and it is normal for you or people who you care about to feel stressed, lonely, or powerless. 

Here, we share resources for both students and the broader Champaign-Urbana community. These resources are meant to be useful to your individual wellbeing and to you as someone who might be concerned about or caring for others. We include resources that, broadly defined, are related to mental health. 

This document is long and has a lot of resources. We recommend using the search feature (on your keyboard, press the control key and, while still holding down on the control key, press the F key) and the table of contents to find specific resources you are looking for. 

We acknowledge that the majority of these resources depend upon a stable wifi connection, the possession of wifi-capable technology, and/or a phone. Some of these resources can be downloaded should you be concerned about continuing to have internet access, and we encourage you to write down relevant hotline numbers to have on hand. 


Table of Contents

Immediate help

Stay Updated


Deciding & Communicating Needs

Completing Coursework or Remote Job Responsibilities


Addressing Fears and Worry

Responding to Discrimination & Being an Active Bystander

Protesting During a Pandemic

Financial Hardship

Sexual and Domestic Violence & Abuse

Substance Use