Anti-Racism Grant Fund

The Psychology Department Diversity and Inclusion Committee would like to remind everyone of our Anti-racism Grant Fund, designed to support members of the Psychology Department in seeking financial support for anti-racism events and initiatives. All Psychology-affiliated staff, undergraduate majors, graduate students, and faculty are eligible.

Applicants can apply for two different types of grants – a small grant that has a $50 maximum amount and the large grants that have a $500 maximum amount. If the monetary limit is a concern, please feel free to contact the Assistant Head for Diversity for more information.

  • Small grant applications will be considered on a first-come, first-serve basis until the designated pool for each semester is exhausted. Each small grant request may be up to $50.
  • Large grant applications will undergo competitive review by the Diversity Committee. Priority will be given to proposals as a function of their impact, as well as attention to anti-racism efforts. Application deadlines are listed below. There is a limit of one proposal per applicant per semester.

Funded grants must support anti-racism efforts, such as the creation of a reading/action group, hosting guest speakers, purchasing books or materials, or hiring students to support the convening of groups. We will also consider requests to fund Psychology graduate student research with historically minoritized groups.

We ask that one member of the Psychology Department be listed as a main point of contact for each event. This person will be responsible for helping to coordinate funds and will be in close contact with the Diversity Committee and the business support person, who will help manage funds.

Please note that the funds may not be used to reimburse expenses and cannot be used for alcoholic beverages. Therefore, all purchasing must go through the business support person.


Fall 2022: A call for requests for the fall semester opens September 16, 2022. Small grants will be accepted on a rolling basis until designated funds are exhausted. Large grant proposals must be submitted by November 4, 2022.

Spring 2023: A call for requests for the spring semester opens January 30, 2023. Small grants will be accepted on a rolling basis until designated funds are exhausted. Large grant proposals must be submitted by February 27, 2023.

Application Instructions

Please complete and submit the application web form available at the following link:


The Diversity Committee will notify applicants of small grant proposals whether their request has been funded within four weeks of submission.


Please contact Alejandro Lleras with additional questions regarding funds at