Diversity Awards

Diversity is important in science. It also new ideas to percolate through multiple perspectives and become better in the process. Below are a list of funding opportunities aimed at increasing representation within the Academy.

Departmental and University Awards

This provides a list of some of the diversity driven awards within our department and broader campus community.

External Awards

We encourage our students and faculty to seek out and pursue awards highlighting diversity in representation and in scholarship. This is a brief list of external awards relevant to these values.

Diversity Recruitment Grants

Beyond supporting our current faculty and student, we value efforts to expand the representativeness of our future faculty members.

Psychology Underrepresented Research Fellowships

The Department of Psychology has two different research fellowships that support research by undergraduates, one to support honors thesis research and one to support students in their sophomore or junior years.


Diversity Award Recipients

Over the years, numerous members of the Psychology Department have received recognition and awards for their scholarly and applied work in areas of diversity. A sampling of the most recent ones is below.


Recent Diversity Awards