Pei-Ling Yang

Research Interests

I am interested in the ways people perceive the duration of visual stimuli as well as the mechanisms of attention.

I am working in the Attention and Perception lab directed by Dr. Diane Beck. Currently my work is focused on understanding the mechanisms of spatial attention.

In particular, my project is aimed at demonstrating and understanding a horizontal advantage of spatial attention. Using a cueing paradigm, researchers have traditionally examined attention effects by horizontally aligning the stimuli with the fixation. However, in our lab we have learned that participants have higher accuracy when targets appear horizontally rather than vertically to the cue. This distinctive pattern of results suggests an advantage in directing attention horizontally. In collaboration with the research team, I plan to explore this interesting pattern further. The results of this project can help us understand how attention is distributed. In future work, we hope to identify the brain region related to this advantage.