Larson Reed

Additional Campus Affiliations

Professor Emeritus, Human Development and Family Studies

Recent Publications

Reed, L., Marcela, R., Guzman, S., Salusky, I., Orson, C. N., & Kenzer, A. (2019). The important (but neglected) developmental value of roles: Findings from youth programs. Developmental psychology, 55(5), 1019-1033.

Griffith, A. N., Reed, L., & Johnson, H. E. (2018). How trust grows: Teenagers' accounts of forming trust in youth program staff. Qualitative Psychology, 5(3), 340-357.

Marcela, R., Simpkins, S. D., Tran, S. P., & Reed, L. (2018). Responsibility development transfers across contexts: Reciprocal pathways between home and afterschool programs. Developmental psychology, 54(3), 559-570.

Reed, L., & Asmussen, L. (2017). Anger, worry, and hurt in early adolescence: An enlarging world of negative emotions. In Adolescent Stress: Causes and Consequences (pp. 21-42). Taylor and Francis.

Gutiérrez, V., Reed, L., Marcela, R., Fernandez, M., & Guzman, S. (2017). How Staff of Youth Programs Respond to Culture-Related Incidents: Nonengagement Versus Going “Full-Right-In”. Journal of Adolescent Research, 32(1), 64-93.

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