Honors and Distinctions

Honors in Psychology

The Honors Program is a three-semester sequence of courses designed to offer outstanding undergraduates an opportunity to do sustained scholarly work on a specific research project, culminating in the preparation of an undergraduate Bachelor’s thesis and a poster presentation at the Honors Poster Fair.  These students graduate with Highest Distinction in Psychology.

Nadine Alkharrat

Eddie Caumiant

Esha Desai

Kenna Ducoff

Laura Hernandez

Wen Li

Maya Mosley

Neil Mueller

Sam Nardella

Michelle Nutlis

Rosalie Ruhlmann

Bansari Upadhyay

Jake Vandewoestyne

Sanjana Venkataraman


Distinctions in Psychology

Graduating with Distinction requires a significant research and academic effort by students. For Distinction, a student must work for two semesters on a research project with a faculty member and then prepare an undergraduate Bachelor’s thesis.

Nadine Alkharrat

An Updated Meta-Analysis of the Riasec Dimensions and Gender


Eddie Caumiant

Social Anxiety, Affect, and Alcohol Consumption: The Moderating


Esha Desai

WH-Question Rate in Adults and Children During Home Book Shared Reading is Modulated by the Book's Length and Linguisitic Complexity


Kenna Ducoff

Machiavellianism Within the Workplace: A Meta-Analysis of Machiavellianism and Counterproductive Workplace Behavior


Suryaa Gupta

Predictors of COVID-19 Vaccine Intention Among US Undergraduates and Non-Student Adults


Laura Hernández

Schizoptypy, Neuroticism, and Negative Affect in Daily Life


Gillian Ho

Evaluating the Impact of a Novel Cognitive-Emotional Training on Distress, Positive Behavioral Change, and Executive Function in University Students Influence of Social Context


Shiping Li

Exercise and Brain Interaction: Effect of Optogenetic Manipulation on Hippocampus


Wen Li

Semantic and Affective Spreading Activation, Psychometric Schizoptypy and Speech Coherence


Zhengyu Li

Statistical Regularity Effect is Seen for Both Human Observers and Deep Convolutional Neural Networks


Xiao Lin

Inclusion of Asian International Students in Campus Climate Surveys: A Cognitive Interview Study


Dana Meyerson

Linking Verbs with Events: How Syntactic Bootstrapping Assists Toddlers in Generalizing Novel Verbs


Neil Mueller

Suicidal Ideation: A Systematic Review


Maya Mosley

The Malleability of Trust in the Backdrop of Disparities: A Meta-Analysis of Experimental Interventions Building Trust in Healthcare Settings


Samantha Nardella

Do You Think I Look Cute? Unpacking The Relationship Between Puberty, Opposite-Sex Social Anxiety, and Depression


Michelle Nutlis

Math Anxious Parents' Response to Children's Difficulty in a Math Game


Roli Sharma

Exploration of Resilliency's Role in the Relationship Between Endorsed Life Events and Strategies of Explicit Emotional Regulation


Rosalie Ruhlmann

Childhood Trauma Stress Sensitization in Pregnancy


Ashley Serna

Testing Temporal Precedence of Family Functioning and Child Psychopathology


Duoduo Qi

The Effect of Group Membership on Praise


Bansari Upadhyay

Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Career Development and Goal Pursuit Among Undergraduates


Sanjana Venkataraman

The Role of Hippocampal Activation in Exercise-Induced Neurogenesis


Mengqian Wu

A Comparison Between Conversation Context: Turn-taking in Free Play Activity and Home Book Reading


Jiachen (Coco) Yu

Intoxicated and Ostracized: Exploring the Interactive Effects of Social Ostracism and Alcohol Consumption on Cognitive Performance