Classroom Reservations

All classrooms MUST be scheduled through this mechanism, so as to ensure room cleaning and proper spacing among users. The classrooms are not available for unscheduled use. With social distancing constraints, the maximum number of occupants we can currently accommodate is 23.


To reserve a room for the summer, please email with the following information:

Purpose of Room Reservation:
Requested Reservation Date:
Start Time:
End Time:
Maximum # Expected Attendees:
Any room requirements (e.g. projector):


Room assignments will be determined so as to minimize the number of rooms that will need cleaning, while maximizing the time between room scheduling (for cleaning and ventilation period)


Psychology Building Guidelines for Room Usage

  1. When leaving the room the occupants must wipe down with disinfectant all desks/tables used as well as light switches or door knobs (or any other surface deemed in need of disinfecting)
  2. Room should be returned to its original condition.
  3. When leaving, turn off lights and close and lock the door.
  4. Noise must be kept to a minimum.
  5. All trash must be placed in trash/recycling bins. Trash bins containing food items should be placed in the hallway.


Important Note: If any damage results from the use, act or neglect of applicant and/or the organization applicant represents and/or their agents, employees, customers, invitees, or licensees, Illinois may, at its option, repair, remediate or replace such damage, and applicant and/or the organization applicant represents shall immediately pay to Illinois the total cost of such repair upon demand. Illinois also reserves the right to deny any reservation rights based on past care of University facilities or the lack thereof.