Dr. Patricia Deldin

Dr. Deldin Profile Picture

Dr. Patricia Deldin is currently a Professor at the University of Michigan in the Departments of Psychology (Clinical and Cognitive areas) and Psychiatry, and Vice President of Behavioral Health at Color Health, Burlingame, CA.

Before that, she was a professor, for nine years, at Harvard University. She received her B.A. with honors from the University of Iowa and her Ph.D. from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. And had a short stint, in between, at the National Institutes of Mental Health as a post-bac scholar.

For fifteen years, she held leadership roles at the University of Michigan Eisenberg Family Depression Center–the first depression center of its kind– as an Associate Director and then Deputy Director. She also helped launch the National Network of Depression Centers as a founding board member. 

During her nearly 30 years at premier academic institutions, Dr. Deldin continued to observe increasing rates of mental illness and limited accessibility to evidence-based care and decided to use her training, skills, and position to create a more immediate impact.

In 2014, she began to shift her research focus from understanding psychopathology to developing a new, more accessible, evidence-based mental wellness program, Mood Lifters.

Dr. Deldin and her students created Mood Lifters as a way to help many people who can’t or won’t get traditional care worldwide have access to low-cost, effective, evidence-based mental health care. 

Mood Lifters has served over 1500 people and worked with over 30 organizations to bring this program to their community.