Bruno G. Breitmeyer

Bruno Breitmeyer

Professor Bruno G. Breitmeyer, (A.B. 1968) is a world-renowned research psychologist. His undergraduate studies in mathematics, along with a minor in psychology, at the University of Illinois were a stepping stone to a Ph.D. in Psychology from Stanford University. After receiving his doctorate, Breitmeyer joined the psychology faculty at the University of Houston, where he has remained since 1972. Breitmeyer's research has centered on visual attention and perceptual processes. His book, Visual Masking, (1984) is a classic text in the field of cognitive psychology. This work, republished in 2006, explores how our visual system processes information at both conscious and unconscious levels. Understanding the factors that control whether a stimulus reaches our awareness, and the fate of those stimuli that remain at an unconscious level, is the focus of this work and the major challenge of brain science in the new millennium. Breitmeyer has prolifically contributed to the study of visual processing for the past thirty-five years, with more than 80 publications, four books, and countless delivered papers. Breitmeyer's research has been recognized by the United States Air Force, National Science Foundation, and the National Institute of Health. He has presented his findings world-wide, including Japan, Germany, Sweden, and Switzerland.