Other Technology Resources

typewriter next to an apple laptop


Below you will find a list of campus resources that may be of use for specific technology needs. 


  1. Resources in case of trolling attacks -- In the unfortunate event of sustained online harassment, the Provost has provided resources and contact information for obtaining assistance that may include temporarily removing profiles from public University web pages.
  2. Copyright Librarian -- When creating or using digital content it's important to understand your rights and responsibilities for protecting intellectual property. The University Library retains a copyright librarian specializing in copyright services available for consultations.
  3. Office of Technology Management -- The OTM provides resources to help turn innovations into real world impacts. They offer a range of services support the process of bring inventions to the broader public.
  4. UIUC AnyWare Services -- Technology Services now offers remote access to a virtual desktop and a wide variety of applications accessible from desktop and mobile devices. AnyWare is meant to provide students with access to programs they may not have access to on their own devices and remove barriers to software use due to lack of processing power, data caps, and bandwith limitations.