Returning to Campus

The guidelines for returning to campus during the pandemic are evolving. Please check back regularly for updates (last updated July 6).

For updates from the LAS Implementation Teams please check here.


Returning to Campus

Before returning to campus you must take the COVID-19 Safety training provided by DRS.


Returning to the Department

Each time you plan to enter the Department of Psychology you must fill out the Department check-in survey.  This survey is also available on mobile devices. Please bookmark the survey if you plan to come to the Department regularly.

In that plan you will indicate when you plan to be and how long you plan to be there.  If you deviate from that plan, please complete the survey again after your visit and specify those deviations. The goal is to (1) keep sick people out of the building, (2) keep track of room use within the building for cleaning purposes, and (3) to enable contact tracing if it becomes necessary.  

If you encounter difficulties (e.g., situation where you yourself could not follow guidelines) or witness breaches of policy during your visit (e.g. fellow personnel failing to follow guidelines), please consider reporting that information here.  These reports can be completely anonymous and will be useful in modifying our policy as needs dictate.

You must wear a mask any time you are not alone in your office.

Bathrooms should only have one occupant at a time.

Please use the stairs if possible.  If you do use the elevator, try to minimize occupancy in the car to one or a maximum of two.

Please do not congregate in common spaces and endeavor to maintain 6ft between yourself and other individuals at all times.

All classrooms MUST be scheduled, so as to ensure room cleaning and proper spacing among users. The classrooms are not available for unscheduled use. With social distancing constraints, the maximum number of occupants we can currently accommodate is 19. For more on scheduling a room click here.


Returning to your Laboratory

Before returning to the laboratory, Faculty must submit a Laboratory Safety Plan (template) to Jane Jukes (  All lab personnel must read the most current Laboratory Safety Plan.  You will acknowledge having read the Laboratory Safety Plan on the Psychology Department check-in survey.

The Laboratory Ramp-Up checklist can be useful in planning your Laboratory Safety Plan.

The university will allow resumed in-person subject testing on July 1. Before resuming Human Subjects Research please read Human Subjects Research Return to Campus Operations (updated 6/24/20). You will submit your Laboratory Safety Plan (this addresses your overall safety plan) to IRB along with your COVID-19 Human Subjects Research Safety Plan Form (this addresses protocol specific plans, including health screening).  The IRB will route your Laboratory Safety Plan to DRS for approval.  Do not start in-person human research until the IRB approves your plan. 


If you are uncomfortable with any procedures or policies and would like to talk to someone other than your direct supervisor, below is a list of people you can contact.

Wendy Heller, Head (

Nicole Allen, Director of Graduate Studies (

Mark Aber, Director of Undergraduate Studies (

Maya Marder, Clinical-Community Graduate Student (

Ashley Ramm, Graduate Studies Office (

Jane Jukes, Assistant to the Head (

Victoria Huart, Associate Director of Finance and Business Operations (

Aaron Benjamin, Head of Building Safety (


Other COVID-19 Resources 

Campus Information on COVID-19 (this is intended to be a central starting point for information and updates about regarding COVID-19 and the campus)

COVID-19 Campus Safety Information

COVID-19 In-Person Human Subjects Research Guidance

COVID-19 related MASSMAIL announcements

COVID-19 Briefing Series

CDC guidelines on how to properly clean and disinfect facilities


Mental Health Resources

COVID-19 Mental Health Resources

Student Support Services


Teaching and Learning Resources

Fall 2020 Instruction FAQ

Keep Learning (resources for students)

LAS teaching resources

Illinois CITL instructor resources

University Online Teaching Academy held July 13 and run through July 31 and August 3 through August 21


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