Summer 2021 Research Assistant for the Mi-CReW Project

The Mi-CReW Project is seeking research assistants for Summer/Fall 2021! 

What is Mi-CReW? 

Mi-CReW (Mindfully & Collectively Revolutionizing Wellness) is mindfulness-based virtual program for African Americans, designed to introduce mindfulness as a tool for personal and collective wellness, especially given the reality of racism-based stress. In Mi-CReW, participants will engage in 4 virtual Zoom sessions and participate in other activities with each other using a social networking app. This study is being supported by Markera Jones (doctoral student in Clinical-Community psychology), and Helen A. Neville, PhD (Professor in Educational Psychology) among others.

How can I be involved? 

I am looking for research assistants to join my team! As an RA, you may: 

  • help with recruitment 
  • help with the design/look of the Mi-CReW website 
  • observe the Zoom sessions and take notes 
  • track and coordinate participant logistics 
  • help with data collection, cleaning, storage, and analysis 
  • be involved in research publication of the study 
  • continue to be involved into the 2021-22 academic year, if desired.


If interested, please email with a CV/Resume and a brief statement on why you are interested.




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