Starting Spring 2024 and beyond, Recruiting Research Assistants for the Learning and Achievement Motivation Processes (LAMP) Lab

The Learning and Achievement Motivation Processes (LAMP) Lab is seeking to recruit undergraduate students for research assistant roles starting in Spring 2024 (and for future semesters). The LAMP Lab conducts research on memory and learning, with a special focus on diversity, equity, and inclusion. Students will receive PSYC 290 credit for their work. Prior research experience is not necessary. A minimum of 2 credit hours will be required.

Responsibilities may include but are not limited to: literature reviews, data scanning and processing, running in-lab experiments, attending weekly lab meetings

Our lab is committed to promoting diversity and inclusion in research and academia. 

More information about the lab can be found at: (

Please complete the Psychology 290 Research Application ( and email it to:,, and





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