Fall 2023 Research Assistants needed for Study on Stress and Anxiety

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The Cognitive & Affective Neuroscience of Psychopathology (CANoPy) lab is looking for 2-3 undergraduate research assistants for PSYC 290 credit to help with coordination and data collection of an ongoing EKG study on stress and anxiety. We appreciate prior research experience, but it is not required to apply! Highly qualified applicants can be considered for a more in-depth role in coordination of the study, while other roles involve data collection, interaction with participants, and quality control for collected data.

The current study uses computer tasks, EKG, respiration, actigraphy, and eye tracking to investigate different facets of anxiety during potentially stressful situations. New RAs would join our lively team of RAs to learn experimental protocols around working with participants and consistent, quality data collection.

We ask for a time commitment of around 8 hours per week, with the knowledge that needs will fluctuate from week to week. The lab will accept applications until 9/25/23 and will begin reaching out for interviews shortly after.


To apply, please fill out the form at the following link:  https://forms.gle/CmBjoKBV28yBGXLj8


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