FALL 2022 - SPRING 2023 Research Assistant Position in Language Production Research, Learning and Language Lab

The Learning and Language Lab is looking for 1-2 undergraduate students for a PSYC 290 Research Assistantship studying the various factors that impact college students' word choices in a sentence production task. This lab is in the cognitive division and studies language through the lens of cognitive psychology, and the current project is specifically looking at how factors that might make speaking more or less challenging can impact the ways we ultimately choose and order words.

RAs will help run participants to collect speech data, transcribe and code the data, and learn how to analyze the data through the guidance of the graduate student working on the project. We are looking for students who are able to work in-person to run participants, can commit 10 hours a week to the research project including running participants, attending meetings, and reading key pieces of the literature relevant to the study, and who have the ability to think on their feet to adapt to the challenges of experimental psychology and working with human participants.

While this is a posting through the psychology department, we also encourage students majoring in Brain and Cognitive Science, Speech & Hearing Sciences, and Linguistics to apply as well, and all majors will be considered.

To apply, please fill out the Psychology 290 Research Application and send it to jerens2@illinois.edu
     - Note: This form has various sections for stating prior and related experiences and skills.  You are encouraged to think broadly about the aspects of your background (experiences, skills, academics, interests, etc.) you believe are relevant.
     - Note: In the ‘Relevant coursework’ section, feel free to include courses you have taken in disciplines beyond psychology, such as math, statistics, computer science, and non-STEM areas that you think might be applicable to our lab’s research.

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