Fall 2020 Research Assistant for the SCOPE Neuroscience Lab (aka Dolcos Lab)

The Dolcos Lab is a cognitive neuroscience group that investigates emotional processing, memory, personality, social cognition, and decision-making. Along with these areas, our current research also focuses on emotion regulation, coping skills, and resilience. Prospective applicants should be interested in some or all of these topics. Otherwise, we have similar recruitment expectations as most experimental psychology labs, with an emphasis on timeliness, flexibility, and dependability. We also have unique opportunities for applicants with exceptional computational skills, such as experience with advanced statistics and/or machine learning, but these types of skills are not necessary or even expected. 

If you are interested in applying to the Dolcos Lab, please fill out this Google Form. Working-from-home is fine, and we are accepting applications from all students, regardless of their location. If you have questions, we encourage you to look through our lab website or send an email to dolcoslab@gmail.com.




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