Psychology Convocation


graduating students

Convocation Instructions

Ceremony Time and Location:
Sunday, May 17, 5:00 p.m. at the Krannert Center for the Performing Arts, 500 S. Goodwin, Urbana, Illinois.  The ceremony will be held in the Foellinger Great Hall – please note, this is not Foellinger Auditorium on the Quad but a hall inside Krannert Center for the Performing Arts that also has the Foellinger name.
Check-in Time and Location for Degree Candidates:
Undergraduate Students: Arrive by 4:00 p.m.  Meet on the stage level (level 2).  You will be lining up in the “North” and “South” Tunnels.  Look for your pronunciation card taped to the wall to determine your alphabetical order.  PLEASE KEEP CARDS TAPED TO WALL.  
Graduate Students: Arrive by 4:15 p.m. Assemble in the Orchestra Rehearsal Room on stage level (level 2).

Parking is available along the street and in Krannert’s underground parking garage.  Access to the underground parking garage is from either Illinois Street or Oregon Street.
Guest Seating:
From the parking garage, guests will take the elevator to the 5th floor (Lobby) in the Foellinger Great Hall.   The doors will open at approx. 4:15 p.m.. Only guests with the correct ticket will be allowed entrance to each room.  (Note:  after the processional, un-ticketed guests will be allowed in to each room as long as seats are available – no guarantees.)

Guests with special needs/wheel chairs/accommodations:
If you have guests that need special assistance, please contact Patron Services Director at Krannert Center for the Performing Arts, via email, , at least one (1) week prior to the ceremony. Please be prepared to provide the following information: which commencement you are attending, specific accessibility need(s), how many people there are in the party, and a contact person in the party. When you arrive, you will need to indicate that you have a reservation under this name. An advanced reservation is the ONLY way your entire party will able to be seated together in our accessible seating areas.  There is a limited number of wheelchair platforms, so please make your reservation.  Any unclaimed reservations will be forfeited two (2) minutes before the ceremony begins.

Personal Belongings:
Please leave all personal belongings with your family and/or guests.  There are no accommodations to store your items.  Graduates are not allowed to bring coats, purses, or satchels into the ceremony.
Cell Phones:
Please turn your cell phone off during the ceremony.  Plan ahead - there are no pockets in the gowns to store your cell phone or keys.
Cap, Gown, and Tassel:
Wear your cap and gown to the ceremony.  Wear tassel on the LEFT of your cap.  The official commencement is on Saturday and that’s when tassels are shifted from right to left.   
Watch Out for the Rails!
The stairs into the Great Hall and the stairs leading off and on the stage, have hand rails. It is very easy to catch the long sleeve of your gown on the rail causing you to trip.  Please be careful.
At the ceremony, you will receive a diploma cover and certificate.  Your official diploma for May graduates will be mailed to your permanent address at the end of July.  Please update your permanent address in the U of I Enterprise system at
Ceremony Procedures – What to Expect and Do:
1.      Undergraduates: arrive by 4:00 p.m., take the elevator to the 2nd level (Stage Level).
2.      Your name/reader card will be taped to the hallway walls, find your alphabetical order and please stay in line.  Prior to processing into the theater, you’ll take the card off the wall.  Critical to have the card with you at all times until you approach the podium for your name to be announced. Graduate students will receive directions in the Orchestra Rehearsal Room. 
3.      At 4:55 p.m., the processional will begin.  March into the hall.   The marshals will indicate which row to enter.  Be sure to fill up every seat in your row!  Remain standing until the Master of Ceremony says “You may be seated.”
4.      After the brief remarks by a number of people, each degree candidate will be recognized.  Follow the prompts by the marshals.  Students will be released one row at a time to approach the podium on the stage in this order:
*Ph.D. Degree Candidates  
*Master degree candidates
*Bachelor degree candidate
5.      On your turn to be recognized, follow these steps (no worries, you will be prompted):
Undergraduates make their way from the center section of the theater to the stage.  One-by-one, students had their reader cards to an assistant.  When your name is called, proceed across the stage to receive a diploma cover, handshakes, take photo, and then proceed to a designated spot for the 2nd photo and return to his/her seat.
6.      Recessional.  You’ll be directed to leave the theater to assemble in the lobby with family and friends.