Welcome to the Psychology Department, Sharetta Hall


Sharetta's arrived on the 3rd floor and hit the ground running. She brought fifteen years' worth of administrative experience into the fold and helped boost our team. So, now that we have time to catch our breaths after a busy semester, we figured it was time for some Q&A!


1- What is your current role with the Department of Psychology?

I am an Office Support Specialist within the Department of Psychology, Procurement team. I manage all aspects of the department key distribution/inventory, maintain the department copy room – assisting with copy requests and upkeep of the copy machines, and serve as a delegate in Chrome River for the faculty/staff/students of the department to process reimbursements. I process direct pay for human subjects participating in the department's many research projects. I assist with purchases for faculty, staff, and grad students using the departmental purchasing portal. I have been on the Urbana-Champaign campus for 15 years, employed within the administrative side of the University. I am very excited to be able to join the Department of Psychology and learn new aspects of procurement and the academic side.

2 - What is the most rewarding part of your job?

The most rewarding part of my job is the amazing people I have the privilege of working with. They are kind, patient, and passionate about the work they do for faculty and the students.

3 - Give us your top 3 places to eat on campus.

My top three places on campus to eat are Noodles cause they have mac & cheese. I also like Jimmy Johns, just cause sometimes a good sandwich is needed. Panera was one of my favorites to visit when they were on Green Street—I loved the soup bowls.

4 - How do you relieve stress after a long day of work?

There are a few ways that I relieve stress. One way is walking and listening to music. Not only am I able to get exercise, but it is calming and peaceful. I also find it helpful to read and be in complete silence. But one of my favorite ways to relieve stress is eating Chocolate.  

5 - Do you have any book or streaming recommendations for those relaxing over summer break?

I enjoy series like Downton Abbey, You, and The Crown. I love books too, but because I'm going to school full-time, I read textbooks all the time.


Best of luck with your continuing education! We will work on stocking the break room with some chocolate.