Thomas Kevin Srull


Research Interests

Memory and social cognition, including mapping the representation of information about individuals and groups in memory and understanding how people cognitively construct representations of themselves in the future.


Ph.D., University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign, Illinois

Recent Publications

Wyer, R. S., & Srull, T. K. (2014). The processing of social stimulus information: A conceptual integration. In Person Memory: The Cognitive Basis of Social Perception (pp. 227-300). Taylor and Francis.

Srull, T. K. (1991). Identifying the Causes, Correlates, and Consequences of Concept Activation: Looking Back and Looking Ahead. Psychological Inquiry, 2(2), 204-207.

Holtgraves, T., & Srull, T. K. (1990). Ordered and unordered retrieval strategies in person memory. Journal of Experimental Social Psychology, 26(1), 63-81.

Wyer, R. S., & Srull, T. K. (1990). The Lay Epistemology of Lay Epistemology: On Being Clear About What We Don't Know. Psychological Inquiry, 1(3), 214-217.

Holtgraves, T., Srull, T. K., & Socall, D. (1989). Conversation Memory: The Effects of Speaker Status on Memory for the Assertiveness of Conversation Remarks. Journal of personality and social psychology, 56(2), 149-160.

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