Siky Feng


I obtained my B.S. Degree in Psychology from Beijing Normal University. I am now pursuing my M.S in Psychological Science at University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, where I work in the Political Ideology and Groups Lab under the supervision of Dr. Chadly Stern.

Research Interests

My research interests primarily concern the processes through which contact with members of different social groups (e.g., sexual and gender minority groups) shapes social perception and attitudes, and how factors like empathy, cognitive style, and system justification motivation play a role in these processes. I am also interested in how structural and interpersonal discrimination shapes identity development and mental health within sexual and gender minority groups.

Research Description

I’m currently pursuing two lines of research. First, I am examining whether explicitly and implicitly associating social groups (e.g., gay men) with infectious diseases predicts prejudicial attitudes. Second, I am investigating how social support and experiences of discrimination influence the mental health of Chinese transgender individuals. I hope that the results of these projects can provide insight into the factors that shape intergroup attitudes and mental health among members of minority groups.