Steven J Petruzzello

Additional Campus Affiliations

Associate Head, Kinesiology and Community Health
Professor, Kinesiology and Community Health

Recent Publications

Erickson, K. I., Hillman, C., Stillman, C. M., Ballard, R. M., Bloodgood, B., Conroy, D. E., ... Powell, K. E. (2019). Physical Activity, Cognition, and Brain Outcomes: A Review of the 2018 Physical Activity Guidelines. Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise, 51(6), 1242-1251.

Box, A. G., Feito, Y., Brown, C., & Petruzzello, S. J. (2019). Individual differences influence exercise behavior: how personality, motivation, and behavioral regulation vary among exercise mode preferences. Heliyon, 5(4), [e01459].

Box, A. G., Feito, Y., Brown, C., Heinrich, K. M., & Petruzzello, S. J. (2019). High intensity functional training (HIFT) and competitions: How motives differ by length of participation. PloS one, 14(3), [e0213812].

Box, A. G., Feito, Y., Matson, A., Heinrich, K. M., & Petruzzello, S. J. (2019). Is age just a number? Differences in exercise participatory motives across adult cohorts and the relationships with exercise behaviour. International Journal of Sport and Exercise Psychology.

Box, A. G., & Petruzzello, S. J. (2019). Why do they do it? Differences in high-intensity exercise-affect between those with higher and lower intensity preference and tolerance. Psychology of Sport and Exercise.

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