Lydia Jiang


Lydia Jiang received her B.S. in Psychology and Biological Science from University of Alberta. She is currently pursuing a Master of Science (MS) Degree in Psychological Sciences at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. She works in the Cognition and Brain Lab under the supervision of Dr. Kara Federmeier. She also worked in the Context, Memory and Forgetting Lab under the supervision of Dr. Lili Sahakyan.

Research Interests


  • Memory
  • Emotion
  • fMRI


Research Description


Lydia’s research interests embrace researching the interactions among emotion, perception, memory and their neural underpinnings. She has worked on projects exploring the role of inhibitory control and expectation in motor imagery and action. She has also utilized behavioral techniques to investigate the impact of contextual factors on encoding and retrieval processes of episodic memory. Currently, she is using human electrophysiological techniques (ERPs) to research the interface between perception and memory, as influenced by attention.



University of Alberta (BS)