Gabrielle Drong


Gabrielle Drong received her B.A. in Psychology and English from the University of Dallas. She is currently pursuing a Master of Science (MS) Degree in Psychological Sciences at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. She works in the Attachment, Behavior, and Emotion Lab under the supervision of Dr. Chris Fraley.


Research Interests

  • Attachment Theory
  • Emotional Response
  • Life Transitions
  • Loss 

Research Description

My research interest lies in the study of attachment processes, emotion, and mental health. In particular, I am focused on change and the differing ways that transitional events are processed. There are multiple questions that motivate and guide my research. Why do some people adjust to change in less time and with less emotional distress than others? Can one’s attachment style inform how one will respond to adverse events? What are the social implications for one who experiences loss? 



University of Dallas (BA)