Nathaniel Eckland

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Contact Information

Psychology 736

Research Interests

  • Emotion Regulation
  • Affective Science
  • Psychopathology

Research Description

I study emotion processes (e.g., emotional awareness, empathy) and emotion regulation (at the individual and interpersonal level) as they relate to the development and maintenance of psychopathology. 


B.A. in Psychology, Washington University in St. Louis, 2015

Highlighted Publications

Eckland, N. S., Huang, A. B., & Berenbaum, H. (in press). Empathic Accuracy: Associations with Prosocial Behavior and Self-Insecurity. Emotion.

Eckland, N. S., Leyro, T. M., Mendes, W.B., & Thompson, R. J. (in press). Signals Observers use to Detect Targets’ Affective Responses during Social Stress Tasks: The Role of Voice and Physiology in Emotion Perception. Journal of Nonverbal Behavior.

Eckland, N. S., & English, T. (2018). Trait-level emotion regulation and emotional awareness predictors of empathic accuracy. Motivation and Emotion, 1-10. 

Eckland, N. S., Leyro, T. M., Mendes, W. B., & Thompson, R. J. (2018). A multi-method investigation of the association between emotional clarity and empathy. Emotion, 638-645.