Danyelle Dawson

Research Interests

  • Racism-Related Stress and Trauma
  • Intergenerational Transmission of Stress and Resilience
  • Psychophysiology and Psychopathology
  • Mental & Physical Health Disparities
  • Equity, Diversity and Social Justice
  • Critical Community Psychology

Research Description

Danyelle is interested in examining biopsychosocial pathways between racism-related stressors and mental and physical health outcomes in minorities; with a specific interest in the impact that racism-related stressors have on stress regulation and the maintenance and development of mood and anxiety disorders in African Americans across the lifespan.

She also is interested in understanding psychosocial and sociocultural protective factors (e.g. racial identity and collective self-esteem, empowerment, activism) that promote resiliency amidst oppressive contexts.

Through her research and clinical work, she aims to incorporate these two arms of her research in the development of strengths-focused, cultural adaptations of evidence-based interventions and prevention programs.


B.A. in Psychology, Social & Economic Justice - University of North Carolina Chapel Hill

M.A. in General Psychology - North Carolina Central University