Chas Monge


Chas Monge received his B.S. in Psychology and Sociology from Illinois College. He is currently a student in the Masters of Science in Psychological Science where he works with Dr. Howard Berenbaum and Dr. Chris Fraley.

Research Interests

  • Online Behavior, including Disinhibition, Toxic Behavior, and Dehumanization
  • Aggression and Perspective-Taking
  • Beliefs and Expectations

Research Description

The bulk of my research interests consists of human social behavior across varying online environments/contexts. As online social interactions become more integral to our lives (through social media, online forums, online gaming), we are struggling to cope with the prevalence of hostile and toxic behaviors endemic to these environments. These behaviors go by many names, such as trolling, flaming, cyberbullying, griefing, flaming, etc. The dominance of these environments in our lives has never been felt by the human race before, and they only become more and more relevant as we are plugged in at earlier ages. I am fascinated and concerned by both the individual experience within these environments and the behavior of groups of people in online environments.


I am also interested more broadly in various elements of top-down reality construction in individuals, specifically how our expectations, beliefs, personality, self-held identities, and other cognitions influence the way we perceive and interact with the world around us.