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E-Mentoring Opportunity

Have you been looking for an opportunity to get involved with the Psychology Department and undergraduate students? Do you want to give back to the department but do not have a lot of time to visit or attend events?

Through the e-mentoring program, Ask an Alum, students can send questions to a graduate student moderator who will then forward the questions to alumni e-mentors best suited to answer them. From there, the e-mentors will contact the students with a response, if they choose, they can maintain a mentoring relationship.

What can you do? 
If you would like to become an e-mentor, fill out a two-minute Google Form with your information and areas of expertise.

If you would like more information about this program please email Lexi Hanna, Alumni Board Project Manager, at

Example Q & A from this newly developed program.

Student Question: What can I do with a B.A. in Psychology?

Alumni E-Mentor Response: This may be the wrong question. Better questions might be: “What do I want to do?” or “What am I passionate about?” The most obvious career path may be in human or social services. For example, one person I know went to work as a psychiatric technician at a local hospital. However, do not limit yourself to these fields. You can leverage skills you learned in psychology in a multitude of areas, including sales; advertisement; business management; technical writing; teaching; or criminal justice. In fact, psychology is one of the most popular majors for people applying to law school. Be creative. I know someone who really enjoyed her undergraduate psychology statistics course, so she became a data analyst at a testing company.

By earning an undergraduate degree in psychology, you have gained the requisite skills for many occupations. More importantly, you have demonstrated your capacity to learn, which is just as valuable to a prospective employer. Decide what you want to do and match your skills to occupations in that field. The University of Washington has a resource list on Identifying your skills and career interests that you may find useful. 

Roadtrip Nation offers another fun career exploration site. Once you have narrowed your career interests, you may want to interview local people working in the field. Ask them about the rewards and challenges of their jobs, as well as the most essential success factors. When I did this, I found professionals very willing to speak with me frankly about their day-to-day routines.  I was able to narrow my list of potential career choices effectively.

During this whole exploration process, please remember that it is neither a competition nor a race. Have fun with your journey.



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